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with love and light from my heart to yours

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Reiki is one of many avenues for  clearing and cleansing.

Rei means Source. Ki means prana, our life force energy. Reiki is Universal Life Force Healing energy.

I have been attuned to channel reiki through me, as a vessel of Source, to areas in your body and auric field where energy may be residual or stagnant. I allow myself to be guided as you allow and open, gentle surrender.

I may use crystal body grids to facilitate the flow of energy though. These sessions cleanse your energetic and physical body.

We move through energies that arise together, clearing space for new life force to come in. 

As within so without, as without so within. As we heal ourselves, we add this frequency to the collective. 

May we rise in love.

Movement- asana, combined with breathing practices- pranayama, balance the body, center the mind, and uplift the soul. Having a yoga practice throughout and after pregnancy will assist every aspect of your fluidity, openness and recovery.

 While combining breath to movement, we find a meditative state and an elevated perspective. I guide you though a dynamic flow of postures customized to you, unique to your present state of being. Our session is held at your place of choice, and your partner is also welcome. 

 I am currently offering prenatal and postnatal private sessions in person or virtually to best support you and your evolution. 



Yoni Steam

Yoni Steam

Vaginal steaming is an ancient women’s health practice used though centuries around the world. The practice involves sitting over warm steaming herbs.

Yoni steams for postpartum, have amazing healing properties. During this time your body is closing the vaginal canal and cervix. The uterus is working to return to normal size by clearing out the leftover lochia (pregnancy matter, fluids and blood). Studies of postpartum steaming show it expedites healing and results in a full recovery. 

My herbal blends promote circulation, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tone skin, clear out excess mucus and nourish the reproductive organs. 

This sacred practice also helps you to slow down and connect deeper to your womb space.

Join me in this sacred cleansing ritual and I will guide you deeper into your body, into your your womb, in ways of serving your soul through this ancient practice. 

I am currently offering yoni steaming through a 

Womb Light Ceremony.


Herbal blends are available in my apothecary page

please contact Tori directly  to book 

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