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Tabula Rasa

Updated: Jan 5

Educate, Prepare for and Empower your birth!

A huge part of my work is retraining our brain to remember what's possible. To quiet the programing we have received throughout our lives, that we may allow our womb encoded wisdom to shine through from generations of wise women that came before.

Tabula Rasa - is the mind in its primary blank or empty state before receiving outside impressions.

To get to this place of a pure cleansed palate, moving forward from here, creating our most empowered and Divine narrative around exactly what we want to believe.

Even if we don’t remember our birth, few do, the energy and the experience of how we come into this world imprints our subtle physical and energetic body for the rest of our life. This is called our limbic imprint.

What subtle energies within our society and species do you think would shift if we were all received at into this world with a serene, sacred, peaceful, joyous, connected, birth?

Do you think we might all be a bit more trusting? Of this reality, of each other?


Our thoughts and beliefs and feelings around birth have been conditioned by society. This is true for every society through time! Think back to a time before colonization, when people lived in tribe and birth was done in homes surrounded by forces of nature and the support of an entire a village of women. How do you think their belief and attitude around birth effected their experience of it?

In our day and age, for most, there has been intensity and fear surrounding our beliefs, our programing.. through movies and tv shows, and the western medical system becoming the dominating force surrounding birth and birth culture, and OB's and doctors telling women that we need outside expertise for our own bodies in this physiological natural process.

Truth is we don't need anyone. All the wisdom lies within our womb.

So we dive deep into our beliefs and fears around birth, clearing the slate, and reconditioning. Then we may hear the encoded wisdom and memories we hold in our bodies of the ancestors who birthed in community and love.

This is the work of creating an empowering birth experience. Truly allowing release of preconceived thought patterns of outside influences, knowing it's not wrong to feel this way. The fear is a part of growing up and living in this generation where a lot of us are not taught about the power of our womb, the rhythm of our cycles and what it’s like to consciously conceive. There is so much shame around sexuality and bleeding and our bodies and basically everything about being a woman in general, for generations the suppression of woman has gone on, but no longer!

Recognizing this and the part it has played in our subconscious is the format step. Moving forward to letting it go and creating what we do want. How we DO want to feel, What we truly desire. Creating our reality through choosing our beliefs.

Internal block clearing, riding ourself of mental, psychological conditioning of fear, rewiring all the way to preconception, we emerge as a tabula rasa. A clean slate. Able to follow our own means, able to hear our innately coded information stored within our body.

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