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Updated: Jan 5

Reiki is one of many avenues for clearing and cleansing.

Rei means Source. Ki means prana, our life force energy. Reiki is Universal Life Force Healing energy.

I have been attuned to channel reiki through me, as a vessel of Source, to areas in your body and auric field where energy may be residual or stagnant. I allow myself to be guided as you allow and open, gentle surrender.

I allow this Life Source energy to flow through me and into you.

I may use crystal body grids to facilitate the flow of energy though. This practice cleanses and renews your energetic and physical body.

We move through energies that arise together, clearing space for new life force to come in.

As within so without, as without so within. As we heal ourselves, we add this frequency to the collective.

May we rise in love.

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