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Divine Masculinity

Updated: Jan 5

The divine masculine within us, is a direct reflection of the way we show up in our Feminine expression.

Our composition of Yin and Yang is developed through our lives as we grow from adolescence. When it comes to our composure as a human being, the beginning stages of life is mostly out of our control. We don’t choose our parents’ energies and attitudes around relationship, we don’t get a say in their levels of awareness.

As we grow in this world, we are sponges that intake our surroundings. Outside influence has a big role to play as we develop and become who we are.

Until we realize this and step into our sovereignty, we are at the will of external forces.

So NOW, in this moment lies our opportunity to observe. To see within and notice our relationship to each of these forces of masculine and feminine that exist synergistically within us.

Are they in Balance, a synergistic dance?

Are they supporting each other?

Where can we allow more strength and more surrender?

The more we dive deep into our own inner workings, the more we will come to understand.

We are composed of Yin and Yang.

What is our Divine Masculine?

It is our inner King. It is the space that we hold for ourselves. It is the structure in which our Feminine swirls and expresses and creates.

Masculine energy is truth, structure, boundaries, open space, and grounded awareness.

The true Masculine energetic is pure. The Divine Masculine is devoted to freedom. He is the protector and provider for our Feminine. He builds the container for our Feminine to fly. His purpose is to support the Feminine in her fullest most authentic expression in each moment, It is His purpose to be in service to Her.

When we trust our inner masculine, it is a choice. We can choose let go of bias and unpleasant experiences we may have had in the past with masculine energy, within or without ourselves.

When we choose to trust, we choose to heal. When we choose to trust we are restoring balance within.

When we allow our inner King to be present, we align into right relationship to Him, then opening so much space for our Feminine to be free.

How do you want to be held? Allow yourself to hold you that way.

How do you want to be spoken to? Speak to yourself with that voice.

Our composition is a synergistic dance of dualistic forces. It can be no other way.

Can we invite our Feminine to meet our Masculine again?

What would it look and feel like if we allowed ourself to DO, based on truth?

Where deliberate action and discipline come from a space of knowing, of trusting.

Where we know our worth even when our “doing” means just being.

Allowing our Feminine to rest, and do nothing in the arms of being held in this pure space.

Masculine energy is linear and clear, strong and rooted. Feminine energy is spiraling and beautifully chaotic.