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Pregnancy Yoga Class

Worthing Mama's to be, enjoy an hours class that offers some space for you and your baby and to bond and connect in a super supportive nurturing space. This class is suitable for all levels, so please don't have any worries at all if you have never done any yoga before! 

During the class we will focus on:

-Breathing (pranayama), to increase vitality, energy, reduce any stresses and bring more balance. Breathing techniques are also a great tool to utilise in childbirth to support pain management and reduce anxiety. 

-Affirmations to not only connect to our bodies and minds in a powerful way, but to lift confidence, self esteem and belief in what the female body and mind is capable of during childbirth and beyond....it is through this positive mindset that we can allay fears and anxieties and shift to a more relaxed and empowered sense of self.

-Pregnancy as it progresses shifts our pelvis forward in response to the increased weight, this causes a strain on the lower back. the class helps to improve posture which can allieviate backache and pelvic girdle pain (SPD) 

-Empowering Mamas with knowledge and an understanding of the changes that occur in pregnancy. We use pelvic floor exercises, to strengthen and tone, as well as exercises that support your abdominal muscles that are going through significant change. Pregnancy can also give us some tough side effects like indigestion and heartburn through creating space in the body with various postures (asanas) we can help to reduce these feelings. It can also promote better sleep and relaxation! 

✽ This class is suitable for people from 14 weeks of Pregnancy, usually after you have had your first scan. If you have any pre existing medical conditions/or pregnancy related issues please consult with your Doctor to ensure it is safe for you to practice. If you have any questions regarding joining a class please do get in contact. 

What to bring

Mats and equipment are provided but feel free to bring a mat if you prefer. as well as anything else to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.You may wish to bring socks and a jumper for relaxation. Wear comfortable relaxed clothing, that allows for movement. 

Please bring drinks for yourself to keep hydrated throughout. 

To Book:

Classes are £45 for a block booking of five weeks but can be taken with a six week expiry. Drop in price available in later weeks of pregnancy please ask for details. 



Mama & Baby Yoga

Join a tribe of other Mamas & Babies in a supportive and nurturing yoga class, a space to move, promote self esteem, supporting you to regain strength, energy and to support recovery from your embodied childbirth experience and to bond with baby in an inclusive and relaxed environment.

During the class we incorporate you and baby doing postures together, or on you own if baby is content chilling. It really is a special space where you can really tune into what baby needs moment by moment and it really is about honouring your own bodies wisdom and intuition and taking things at a pace that suits you and your baby. 

The space is completely relaxed if your baby is crying, needs breastfeeding, bottle feeding, needs holding, it is all part of the session and we love that each session unfolds in a completely unique and totally gentle and supportive way.

We adopt a flexible approach each week, that can focus on baby with fun bonding exercises, and sound to soothe and nurture with the gentle rhythms we create together. 

 The focus is on gentle recovery for Mama, the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor will feel weakened and you may feel very different in your body postnatally. We aim to empower the lovely Mama's in our yoga class to participate in ways that feel nurturing, as we all have our own birthing feelings and our bodies are all different and we can take things at a pace that feels good. 

Suitable for Mama's from 6 weeks postpartum with a natural vaginal delivery after health checks. Mama's welcome from 10 weeks post C-section/medical interventions. Always listen to your own bodies and limitations, and wait till you feel ready to begin a class. Accessible for all, you do not need to have any yoga experience to join this class. Please contact for any questions you may have. ✽

What to bring:

Mats and equipment are provided but feel free to bring a mat if you prefer. as well as anything else to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.You may wish to bring socks and a jumper for relaxation. Bring any drinks needed for yourself and baby to keep hydrated throughout. 

To Book:

Classes will be £35 for a block booking of five weeks, but may be taken with a seven week expiry. 




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