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Empower Birth

Childbirth Education Course for Pregnant mother

Welcome to the beginning of your path toward
a sacred and


Transform and rebirth through the
Empower Birth

In which, we connect to all parts of the pregnant goddess exploring new realms of spirit and self.

You will journey from Maiden to Motherhood in love with full confidence in your ability to bring this being to Earth.

You are divine mother, and you will birth in remembrance and bliss.
Yellow Flower
In this transformation container we work together to rewire your existing beliefs surrounding birth.
We release fears and create the experience you desire to have.
Any insecurity will be replaced with surety about the process of birthing and faith in your innate ability to do so. 

Excited and prepared, embodied and empowered.

This Empowered Birth course is designed to educate you in the physiology and energetics of bringing life to Earth.

Your body is the sacred portal.  
You have all the tools within you to embrace the wisdom and infinite potential of your womb. 

The path of the Empowered Embodied birthing
woman calls you to...
Take radical ownership of your sovereignty and personal power to make decisions for your liberating and transcendental life 


 Let yourself be stripped of all perceptions about who you are and what you are capable of so that the Truth of the Divine may birth through you.

Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower

You will walk forward in illumination, fully harnessing your power and stepping into the depth of your wombanhood throughout pregnancy and into all the evolutionary phases of your life. 

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Inside the Empowered Birth portal we journey
four sessions
into the womb.

Exploring many facets of the
great mystery
of birth.



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childbirth education.png


childbirth education.png


childbirth education.png
Each session begins with a guided meditation designed to drop you into an inner sanctuary.
This space is your Eden that you will have access to at all times, and eternally.
With frequent tending to for the 
duration of your pregnancy, this inner place of peace will provide a safe space for you during your birth, allowing gentle surrender and opening. 

We then proceeded to discuss the topics at hand.
We dive deep into any questions or interests you or your partner may have.

Each session is  2 hours.

Each session comes with an educational pdf packet that aesthetically illustrates the information discussed. 
 Each packet contains journal prompts and practices to guide you deeper into yourself and inspire you on this journey. 


This experience promotes...

  • Deeper connection to Self 

  • A self love for your body so profound that it crumbles the foundations of systems put in place to keep you small and quiet

  • Releasing all fears and trusting Nature 

  • Understanding of physiological birth and hormonal process

  • Becoming in tune with our cyclical nature  

  • Intimate trust in our intuitive voice

  • Listening and living in a deep expression of our sacred womb 

  • Becoming the autonomous and sovereign woman in charge of her experiences

  • Communicating with our spirit child

  • Partner connection and intimacy practices

  • Attaining deeper awareness of creating life force as an extension of us in this world

  • Pregnancy as healing, expansion, and ultimate creation

  • Birthing as a primal woman, in her power, fully open channel 

  • Alchemizing life through the portal of this body

  • From Maiden to Mother Empowered  

 More juiciness...

  • Support in transitioning roles, healing nourishing tips 

  • Personalized guidance on your unique journey to birth 

  • Face to face support/ direct answers to any questions you may have

  • Guided meditations to use forever 

  • Take home practices 

  • Journaling prompts

  • Printable pdf infographics

  •  Loving guidance 


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empower birth childbirh education.png
empower childbirth education.png
When it comes to having a beautiful birthing experience, you have all the tools
within you. 

This transformation portal will illuminate the wisdom you already carry
to birth in bliss.
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