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Doula Services

Birth Doula


Prenatal visits are designed to get to know one another, discover and create new beliefs surrounding birth. I offer the Empowered Birth program as nourishment for you on this journey.

This transformation container offers

a recreation of what you believe birth to be.


Together we journey 4 sessions into 

visualizations, journal prompts, affirmations, yoga,

breathing, exploring curiosity and stepping into power. 

Opening, allowing, surrendering, remembering, 

evolving, expanding and deepening

as we create and connect to our sanctuary within.


Personalized, educational, intuitive guidance from my heart to you and your baby's.  


Each session is 2 hours.

Upon booking and for the duration of our time together you have 24/7 phone access to me.


I meet you upon request to provide assistance throughout the duration of your birth. Offering comfort measures

 massage and healing touch, counter-pressure techniques, continuous reassurance, vocalizations, aroma therapy, and Reiki

 all as you desire. 


You may relax during this time knowing you are safe and fully supported. 


After Birth

I will stay up to three hours after birth to continue support as needed.

We will check in a few days later to schedule your first postpartum visit :)

Full Moon Package   

4 prenatals .  birth .  4 postpartum 


All pricing is offered on a sliding scale. I believe that all women deserve access to this type of support. 

Payment plans are also available. 


As your Postpartum Doula, I am here to nurture you in these tender moments of welcoming a newborn.

Birth is a passage of life and it is now time for you to rest, integrate and close the portal of your body.

It is time for you to be nurtured and tended to so that you may best care for new babe.

 I come to assist the navigation of this new chapter in life. 


 I help to provide the space for you to bond as a new family, facilitating an organized and peaceful environment where your needs are met.


I provide a variety of different offerings that include, but are not limited to...


-Newborn care assistance and education

-Womb Wrapping

-Breastfeeding support 

-Household assistance

- Yoga 

-Meal Planning

-Nourishment: Bone Broth and Herbal Teas

-Referrals to community resources

-Closing of the bones ceremony

Nourishment meal package add on 




New Moon Package


4 in home postpartum visits 

3 hours each


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