childbirth education 

Birthing the New Earth 

Each 4 week series includes 

- Exploring internal dialogue/perceptions around birth 

- Exploring birth in our culture 

- Recreating beliefs, becoming creators of our experience 

- Exploring birth as a Rite of Passage and a Sacred Journey

- Understanding the different stages of labor and the dance of hormones

- Anatomical overview, deeper connection to our bodies

- Meeting your needs  

- Comfort techniques for birth

- Comfort techniques that your support person can offer

- Blissful Birth 

- Discussing optimal fetal positioning for labor and birth

- Practicing different laboring positions for fetal positioning 

- Couple connection // working as a team

- Sensuality and Pleasure 

- Exploring the different interventions and use of pain medication in the case of a hospital birth 

- Importance of being your own advocate 

- Coping skills for unplanned events in birth

- Creating a Postpartum plan, which includes how to care for yourself and baby post-birth

- Reviewing holistic practices that support long-term healing 

- Breastfeeding 101 // Infant care 101

- Identity in new roles and stepping into life as a new family

currently offering private and group clASSES- IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY 

Next group class is being held May 2 - 23 
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