Life As A Ritual

In search of a place, a time, a space for self.

A place, a space of reconnection, to the earth, to the universe....

I have been using rituals as a non negotiable part of my self care routine. Especially as a Mama I feel even more now that I need this time and space to really do the things in life that light me up and gives me a deeper sense of connection within my body and also this make me feel more connected to the world itself! I know we all have our own rituals, our ways of connecting to special occasions, but I feel even more lately that these rituals are to be revered and honoured as a space for self reflection, awareness and connection to my embodied self and a way to feel a sense of the divine and universal. 

My personal rituals take place each day in some way...however small. I like to show up on my yoga mat each day. Whether through a strong vinyasa flow or with a yin/restorative depending on what my body needs that day. I also have been meditating, chanting mantras and doing yoga nidra most evenings which has been so needed to unwind. A mantra I have been working with for the past few weeks is:

'Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh'

This mantra is used for protection and guidance. I usually use my mala to aid my concentration and counting of each round. I also love listening to mantras loving the work of the artist Jai Jagdeesh.

I have also recently subscribed to Movement for Modern Life, which I have been loving! It has such a variety of styles, amazing teachers and the best thing for a busy Mama is you have the flexibility to watch them as when you can. If you would like to check them out, they give you a two week free trial to see if you like it before subscribing. Another recent resource I would love to share with you is the Rituals App, I have been using this in the evenings with my Hubbie to relax and meditate, you can set it for 5, 10, 15, 20 mins. They also have a yoga section which is fab! 

I began to honour the earth cycles at last years Summer Solstice where I held my own ceremony in the garden and took some time to really reflect, dance and meditate in a simple spontaneous way that really began my interest with following all the festivals throughout the year. This I follow in conjunction with the moon cycles, each month and also my menstrual cycle.

 I like to create a sacred space or an altar to hold my ceremony. I light a candle & cleanse the space smudging with either Palo Santo or sage. I usually spend time journalling, noticing things that I want to release and let go of, and things I want to attract into my life. I also invite in the five elements, Earth in the North, Water in the West Air in the East, Fire in the South and Spirit in the centre. I also sometimes call upon my guardian angels/spirit guides to support me and guide me. I use crystals to support my rituals, these I usually cleanse at every full moon. My crystals support my health and wellbeing on many levels especially in used in conjunction with my Doterra Essential Oils. I like to use Frankincense on my third eye during meditation and also I diffuse Balance Blend during my yoga or have on the balls of my feet to really bring a sense of connection to the here and now to feel grounded & rooted. To find out more about these beautiful essential oils please contact me for more info! 

I think taking this time for ritual and reflection has brought so much balance, and beauty into my life. I have connected to myself and others in a much deeper reflexive way. It has been a way of decompressing after a challenging day as a Mama. I think many people have rituals they follow that support there wellbeing, which may bring comfort and connection to other people and the greater world we live in. I would love to hear about what rituals you follow in your own life, feel free to leave me a comment or come follow me over on Instagram or Twitter beauties 😀

Namaste Lovelies x