Self Care in Mamahood

How can we look after ourselves? 

The search is on for this Mama to find the off button. 

I find as a Mama, I need to find the time for a reset, a time to do the things that recharge me and enrich my soul. I find that I am able to find some inner peace, through my regular meditation and yoga practice. 

Other things that light me up is going on walks, being in nature, dancing, reading, journalling and being with friends who nurture and support me and I them.

I believe it is through these self care nourishing moments that I am able to really offload the stresses from the challenges I face as a Mama to a toddler. Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming, anxiety provoking and lonely being a Mama. Going along to the baby groups in the hope you may get chatting to a kindred spirit, only to just be following my little man around as he explores wildly.  Ending up going home without speaking to anyone. It can be a tough one....reaching out and saying hello to another Mama, I'm not sure what holds me back, maybe the fear of rejection? 

 It really feels so important to me that we can feel the best we can feel for our little ones and ourselves. Im sure it will look and feel different for everyone but the more we can try and connect to other Mama's going through the same things and looking after our own self care needs and wellbeing then it will be surely be a positive thing!

I also encourage you to reach out to the Mama standing on her own, smile, say hello! I'm sure we all feel the same way and just need to find the courage to just reach out and realise we are all doing our best in 'Mamahood' and it is through connection and sistering that we will stop this loneliness. Lets do this! Lets push the edge of our comfort zone we may be surprised how it makes us feel!

I would love know your feelings on this subject or if you have been reaching out to other Mama's please leave a comment, I would love to hear your opinions.

Namaste lovelies x