Life As A Ritual

In search of a place, a time, a space for self.

A place, a space of reconnection, to the earth, to the universe....

I have been using rituals as a non negotiable part of my self care routine. Especially as a Mama I feel even more now that I need this time and space to really do the things in life that light me up and gives me a deeper sense of connection within my body and also this make me feel more connected to the world itself! I know we all have our own rituals, our ways of connecting to special occasions, but I feel even more lately that these rituals are to be revered and honoured as a space for self reflection, awareness and connection to my embodied self and a way to feel a sense of the divine and universal. 

My personal rituals take place each day in some way...however small. I like to show up on my yoga mat each day. Whether through a strong vinyasa flow or with a yin/restorative depending on what my body needs that day. I also have been meditating, chanting mantras and doing yoga nidra most evenings which has been so needed to unwind. A mantra I have been working with for the past few weeks is:

'Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh'

This mantra is used for protection and guidance. I usually use my mala to aid my concentration and counting of each round. I also love listening to mantras loving the work of the artist Jai Jagdeesh.

I have also recently subscribed to Movement for Modern Life, which I have been loving! It has such a variety of styles, amazing teachers and the best thing for a busy Mama is you have the flexibility to watch them as when you can. If you would like to check them out, they give you a two week free trial to see if you like it before subscribing. Another recent resource I would love to share with you is the Rituals App, I have been using this in the evenings with my Hubbie to relax and meditate, you can set it for 5, 10, 15, 20 mins. They also have a yoga section which is fab! 

I began to honour the earth cycles at last years Summer Solstice where I held my own ceremony in the garden and took some time to really reflect, dance and meditate in a simple spontaneous way that really began my interest with following all the festivals throughout the year. This I follow in conjunction with the moon cycles, each month and also my menstrual cycle.

 I like to create a sacred space or an altar to hold my ceremony. I light a candle & cleanse the space smudging with either Palo Santo or sage. I usually spend time journalling, noticing things that I want to release and let go of, and things I want to attract into my life. I also invite in the five elements, Earth in the North, Water in the West Air in the East, Fire in the South and Spirit in the centre. I also sometimes call upon my guardian angels/spirit guides to support me and guide me. I use crystals to support my rituals, these I usually cleanse at every full moon. My crystals support my health and wellbeing on many levels especially in used in conjunction with my Doterra Essential Oils. I like to use Frankincense on my third eye during meditation and also I diffuse Balance Blend during my yoga or have on the balls of my feet to really bring a sense of connection to the here and now to feel grounded & rooted. To find out more about these beautiful essential oils please contact me for more info! 

I think taking this time for ritual and reflection has brought so much balance, and beauty into my life. I have connected to myself and others in a much deeper reflexive way. It has been a way of decompressing after a challenging day as a Mama. I think many people have rituals they follow that support there wellbeing, which may bring comfort and connection to other people and the greater world we live in. I would love to hear about what rituals you follow in your own life, feel free to leave me a comment or come follow me over on Instagram or Twitter beauties 😀

Namaste Lovelies x 


Self Care in Mamahood

How can we look after ourselves? 

The search is on for this Mama to find the off button. 

I find as a Mama, I need to find the time for a reset, a time to do the things that recharge me and enrich my soul. I find that I am able to find some inner peace, through my regular meditation and yoga practice. 

Other things that light me up is going on walks, being in nature, dancing, reading, journalling and being with friends who nurture and support me and I them.

I believe it is through these self care nourishing moments that I am able to really offload the stresses from the challenges I face as a Mama to a toddler. Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming, anxiety provoking and lonely being a Mama. Going along to the baby groups in the hope you may get chatting to a kindred spirit, only to just be following my little man around as he explores wildly.  Ending up going home without speaking to anyone. It can be a tough one....reaching out and saying hello to another Mama, I'm not sure what holds me back, maybe the fear of rejection? 

 It really feels so important to me that we can feel the best we can feel for our little ones and ourselves. Im sure it will look and feel different for everyone but the more we can try and connect to other Mama's going through the same things and looking after our own self care needs and wellbeing then it will be surely be a positive thing!

I also encourage you to reach out to the Mama standing on her own, smile, say hello! I'm sure we all feel the same way and just need to find the courage to just reach out and realise we are all doing our best in 'Mamahood' and it is through connection and sistering that we will stop this loneliness. Lets do this! Lets push the edge of our comfort zone we may be surprised how it makes us feel!

I would love know your feelings on this subject or if you have been reaching out to other Mama's please leave a comment, I would love to hear your opinions.

Namaste lovelies x