Blessingway Ceremony

A Blessing way,

also knows as a Mothers blessing

is a Ceremony to honor the pregnant goddess.


Sisters gather in circle to shower her in blessings and celebrate baby in love.


My Blessing way offering


- Ceremony facilitation


-String or beaded necklace ritual


-Coconut milk foot bath or oil adorment blessing


-Sound healing



We gather and drop in together with breath and a guided group meditation. We then proceed to speak our blessings to Mama and baby.

We seal in the blessings with our love, tying a knot around our wrists with the string  we pass around the circle as we speak.

We then surround mama and bless her with loving touch. This can be a footbath or simply adorning you in oils while your feet, legs, arms, hands and temples are rubbed and loved on.

During this time I will play my sound bowls and chimes adding to the sacred  healing of the space.

We close out the circle in song, connecting to all the wimyn who have birthed before us through out history.

We honor eachother and this special time in a woman's life, her rite of passage into motherhood,  with every being that she brings through.

Her spirit baby usually joins us for the duration of the ceremony.

This gathering helps them to feel supported, received and excited to come earthside.


ceremony is 2 - 3 hours 
$333-555 sliding scale