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bloom your Birth

This 4 week class series, Bloom your Birth,  is a personalized and intimate process, as we will be working one on one, heart to heart.
During this
 time we connect to all parts of the pregnant goddess exploring new realms of spirit and self. 
You are divine mother, and you are birthing in remembrance and bliss.
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        For each couple, you may choose in person classes if local, or option to engage virtually.
Please reach out if you have any questions or to schedule. 

I look forward to navigating this journey of depth and expansion with you.

Abstract Circles

4 week series class package 


- payment plans upon request - 
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Bloom your Birth


  • Deeper understanding of and connection to Self 

  • Understanding of physiological birth and hormonal process

  • Letting go of fear and trusting Nature 

  • Becoming in tune with our cyclical nature  

  • Listening and living in a deep expression of our sacred womb 

  • Communicating with our spirit child

  • Partner connection and intimacy practices

  • Attaining deeper awareness of creating life force as an extension of us in this world

  • Pregnancy as healing , expansion, and ultimate creation

  • Birthing as a primal woman , in her power, fully open channel 

  • Alchemizing Life through the portal of this body

  • From Maiden to Mother Empowered  

 more juiciness...

  • Support in transitioning roles, healing nourishing tips 

  • ​An in depth class each week for a month

  • Personalized guidance on your unique journey to birth 

  • Face to face support/ direct answers to any questions you may have

  • Downloadable recordings of guided meditations 

  • Printable pdf infographics and information sheets  

  • Journaling practices to carry with you 

  •  Mantras, Recipes, Herbal Remedies, Loving guidance