About Me

So much gratitude for stopping by! I am a Mama to an amazing spirited little boy. A qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist, adult yoga teacher and Pregnancy/Postnatal & Mama Baby yoga an essential oils geek & a wild woman. Empowering other women fills me with such joy!

Being a dancer for many years, I am really interested in the embodied responses of movement and the emotional sensations that arise moment by moment.  I have been so fortunate to be inspired and mentored by some beautiful souls who continue to enrich my thinking and way of life today, for which I am always blessed and thankful.

My own embodied experience of Mamahood, and also being a survivor of Cervical Cancer has led me on a very different path. It has been such a transformative experience for me, In terms of my self confidence, self belief, and my complete trust in the Universe. My spirituality has also been greatly stretched & expanded as part of this journey. This is some of what has led me to begin my blog and to feeling so strongly that I want to support and reach out to other women going through Women's health issues, Motherhood, Parenting & life...

Connect with me beauties to collaborate, enquire about classes or ask any questions you may have! 


Tracie x